Foucauld Desrousseaux

Music Composer and Audio Artist

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Music for films

Music I composed for films, animation, documentaries, video games, advertising.

standalone music

The variety of projects I work on, for myself or other artists: songs, instrumental music, electronic music intended for streaming services.

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Foucauld desrousseaux

Who I am

Hi! My name is Foucauld, I live in Lyon, France, and I’m a music composer.

I’m passionate aboute creating music for imaginary worlds, and telling stories through music.

I learned music at a young age through conservatoire lessons and singing in a choir. This experience was my first contact with classical music, which got me on prestigious stages such as the Philharmonic of Paris, at the heart of huge orchestras. I started piano lessons at age 6, and have been playing since then. I learned arrangement and composition, especially in jazz and modern music genres. I started composing and producing music during my early teenagehood, and started playing guitar around the same time.

After high school, I decided to join an audio school to learn music producing and sound design. That is where I perfected my use of technology to produce music, and also where I learned the technical skills necessary to create sound.

Nowadays, I compose and write songs for my project Winds Of Pangaea, collaborate with other artists to record and mix their projects, and create music and sound effects for visual media such as short films, animation and video games.

I always try to keep my influences as eclectic as possible, because discovering new music inspires me to create.


Every part of the creation process



Usually at the piano, sometimes with another instrument, I put together ideas, start writing themes, think about the guidelines of the piece.


Based on the ideas I had, I create the structure of the piece, and I work on the instrumentation. I give the piece of music a clearer shape.

Demo / Mockup

As I work on the arrangement, I also create the demo of the track using virtual instruments and rough recordings.

Sheet Music

When needed, I write sheet music for the musicians I will record using Avid Sibelius.



Sometimes during the composition process, or sometimes afterwards, I record the instruments that I wrote the music for.


Once everything is recorded, I create a coherent whole: using various audio effects, I create the best possible sounding track.


When the track is intended for streaming or CD, the mastering step helps making the music suitable for these platforms, in addition to correcting final details.