Foucauld Desrousseaux

Music Composer and Audio Artist


Embark for a journey across space and time… Put on your headphones, lay back, and choose your destination.

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Music for films

Music I composed for films, animation, documentaries, video games, advertising.

standalone music

The variety of projects I work on, for myself or other artists: songs, instrumental music, electronic music intended for streaming services.


Non-musical audio projects.

Foucauld desrousseaux

Who I am

Hi! My name is Foucauld, I live in Lyon, France, and I’m a music composer.

I’m passionate aboute creating music for imaginary worlds, and telling stories through music.

I learned music at a young age through conservatoire lessons and singing in a choir. This experience was my first contact with classical music, which got me on prestigious stages such as the Philharmonic of Paris, at the heart of huge orchestras. I started piano lessons at age 6, and have been playing since then. I learned arrangement and composition, especially in jazz and modern music genres. I started composing and producing music during my early teenagehood, and started playing guitar around the same time.

After high school, I decided to join an audio school to learn music producing and sound design. That is where I perfected my use of technology to produce music, and also where I learned the technical skills necessary to create sound.

Nowadays, I compose and write songs for my project Winds Of Pangaea, collaborate with other artists to record and mix their projects, and most of all I create music for visual media such as short films, animation and video games.

I always try to keep my influences as eclectic as possible, because discovering new music inspires me to create.